Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Use of CIL to fund the provision of ducting for future CCTV and Internet upgrades in Camberley Town Centre22/09/2020For Determination09/12/2020
Review the suspension of parking charges in Rural Car Parks22/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Open Space Payments07/09/2020For Determination17/11/2020
Kevin Cantlon Fund Repurposing Action Plan04/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Repurposing of Supplementary Estimate03/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Funds received from the Defra Hardship Fund03/09/2020Recommmend Forward to Council15/09/2020
Householders Duty of Care - setting of fee01/09/2020For Determination17/11/2020
Community Infrastructure Levy01/09/2020For Determination17/11/2020
Local Enforcement Plan01/09/2020For Determination17/11/2020
Petition - Security at Old Dean Recreation Ground01/09/2020For Determination17/11/2020
Local Plan Annual Monitoring Statement01/09/2020For Determination15/12/2020
Council Tax Base and Review of the Local Council Tax Support Scheme01/09/2020For Determination15/12/2020
Nightstop01/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
5 Year Strategy01/09/2020For Determination16/03/2021
Half Year Performance Report01/09/2020For Determination15/12/2020
Infrastructure Funding Statement01/09/2020For Determination17/11/2020
Planning for the Future White Paper01/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Changes to the Current Planning System01/09/2020Recommmend Forward to Council15/09/2020
Review of Reserves and Provisions01/09/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Procurement of Cleaning Contract15/07/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Community Services Partnership01/07/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Executive Working Group notes01/07/2020For Determination15/12/2020
Council Finances as at 30 September 202009/03/2020For Determination17/11/2020
Community Fund Grants09/03/2020For Determination20/10/2020
Statement of Community Involvement04/02/2020Item Deferred20/10/2020
Surrey Heath Physical Activity Strategy adoption04/02/2020Item Deferred16/06/2020
Supplementary Estimate07/01/2020Recommmend Forward to Council26/02/2020
Acquisition of property to provide supported accommodation for those sleeping rough or at risk of homelessness06/01/2020Recommmend Forward to Council26/02/2020
Draw down of Camberley Park Commuted Sums02/09/2019Recommmend Forward to Council15/10/2019
Half Year Update on the Performance of Property Acquisitions01/08/2019For Determination17/12/2019
Acquisition of Property in Surrey Heath12/06/2019UrgentFor Determination11/09/2019
Doman Road Depot - Bulking Shed20/05/2019Recommmend Forward to Council24/07/2019
Review of the Corporate Capital Programme 2018/19.04/03/2019Recommmend Forward to Council18/06/2019
Surrey Waste Partnership - New Governance Arrangements04/03/2019For Determination
Capital Strategy Report 2019/2030/01/2019Recommmend Forward to Council27/02/2019
Investment Strategy Report 2019/2030/01/2019Recommmend Forward to Council27/02/2019
Article 4 Direction01/11/2018For Determination
Deanside Commuted Sums17/09/2018Recommmend Forward to Council20/11/2018
General Fund Revenue Estimates04/11/2015For Determination24/02/2016