Title Notice published Urgent? Status Decision due
Collectively Camberley Levy25/10/2021For Determination16/11/2021
Award of Contract08/10/2021For Determination
Local Cycling and Walking Investment Plan for Surrey Heath06/10/2021For Determination16/11/2021
Council Tennis Facilities04/10/2021For Determination16/11/2021
Approval of Expenditure for Doman Road04/10/2021For Determination
Demolition of Allders04/10/2021For Determination
Designation of the Deepcut Neighbourhood Forum04/10/2021For Determination16/11/2021
Award of Contract22/09/2021For Determination22/10/2021
Additional Camberley High Street Trees14/09/2021For Determination19/10/2021
Surrey Local Transport Plan 2022-2032 Consultation01/09/2021For Determination19/10/2021
Community Infrastructure Levy monitoring report02/08/2021For Determination16/11/2021
Mid-Year Performance Report02/08/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Council's Finances as at 30 September 202102/08/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Council Tax Base and Review of the LCTSS02/08/2021For Determination07/12/2021
Local Council Tax Support Scheme02/08/2021For Determination19/10/2021
Application to CIL Main Bid Fund02/08/2021For Determination16/11/2021
Ending of Covid Related Free parking arrangements in Knoll Road Multi-story Car Park02/08/2021For Determination21/09/2021
Bulking Shed01/07/2021Recommmend Forward to Council17/08/2021
Local Plan - Draft Reg 1801/07/2021For Determination
Annual Report on the Treasury Management Service and Actual Prudential Indicators for 2020/2101/07/2021For Determination16/11/2021
Community Infrastructure Levy Bids01/06/2021For Determination19/10/2021
Write Off of Irrecoverable Bad Debts01/06/2021For Determination21/09/2021
London Road Development17/05/2021Recommmend Forward to Council28/07/2021
63a High Street, Bagshot01/04/2021For Determination
Letting of Office Space23/12/2020For Determination16/03/2021
Adoption of County Council land23/12/2020For Determination
5G Project30/11/2020For Determination24/02/2021
Acquisition of Night Stop Property02/11/2020UrgentRecommmend Forward to Council17/11/2020
Development of a transit site in Surrey02/11/2020Recommmend Forward to Council09/12/2020
Use of CIL to fund the provision of ducting for future CCTV and Internet upgrades in Camberley Town Centre22/09/2020Recommmend Forward to Council09/12/2020
Open Space Payments07/09/2020For Determination17/11/2020
5 Year Strategy01/09/2020For Determination19/10/2021
Surrey Heath Physical Activity Strategy adoption04/02/2020Item Deferred07/12/2021
Supplementary Estimate07/01/2020Recommmend Forward to Council26/02/2020
Acquisition of property to provide supported accommodation for those sleeping rough or at risk of homelessness06/01/2020Recommmend Forward to Council26/02/2020
Draw down of Camberley Park Commuted Sums02/09/2019Recommmend Forward to Council15/10/2019
Acquisition of Property in Surrey Heath12/06/2019UrgentFor Determination11/09/2019
Doman Road Depot - Bulking Shed20/05/2019Recommmend Forward to Council24/07/2019
Review of the Corporate Capital Programme 2018/19.04/03/2019Recommmend Forward to Council18/06/2019
Surrey Waste Partnership - New Governance Arrangements04/03/2019For Determination
Capital Strategy Report 2019/2030/01/2019Recommmend Forward to Council27/02/2019
Investment Strategy Report 2019/2030/01/2019Recommmend Forward to Council27/02/2019
Article 4 Direction01/11/2018For Determination
Deanside Commuted Sums17/09/2018Recommmend Forward to Council20/11/2018
General Fund Revenue Estimates04/11/2015For Determination24/02/2016