Issue - decisions

Executive Working Groups 2020/21

05/06/2020 - Executive Working Groups 2020/21

The Executive considered a report proposing the establishment of working groups, their terms of reference and the allocation of seats to those working groups. It was agreed to add additional wording referring to Gypsy & Traveller matters to the Equality Working Group’s Terms of Reference, whilst recognising that the Local Plan Working Group would be looking at planning related issues concerning traveller sites and pitches in the borough.


The list of the proposed membership for each Working Group, as nominated by Group Leaders, was noted.




(i)        the following Executive Working Groups for the Municipal Year 2020/21 be established:


·      Camberley Town Centre Working Group;

·      Climate Change Working Group;

·      Equality Working Group;

·      Local Plan Working Group;

·      Surrey Heath Villages Working Group;


(ii)      the Terms of Reference for each of the Working Groups, as set out in the agenda report, as amended, be agreed;


(iii)     the number and allocation of seats on each working group be as set out in the Terms of Reference; and


(iv)     the nominations of members to each Working Group by Group Leaders, as previously circulated, be noted.