Committee details

Independent Remunerations Panel

Purpose of committee





1.1          Members of the Independent Remuneration Panel are appointed by the Chief Executive after consultation with the party group leaders and subject to all decisions being reported to Members by email.




1.2          To produce reports in relation to allowances payable to Members of the Council, making recommendations to the Council as to :-


(a)        the amount of the basic allowance;

(b)        the roles for which a special responsibility allowance will be payable and the amount of such allowances;

(c)        any dependent carer allowances;

(d)        travelling and subsistence allowances;

(e)        co-optee allowances;

(f)        pensions for members.


1.3          To produce reports, as required, by Parish Councils within the Borough of Surrey Heath as to:-


            (a)        any basic allowance payable to parish members;

            (b)        when the allowance should be payable;

(c)        any appropriate travelling and subsistence allowances.