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Performance and Finance Scrutiny Committee

Purpose of committee

Performance and Finance Scrutiny Committee Terms of Reference


Meetings of this Committee can be viewed from:


1.            To scrutinise all of the executive functions of the Council, except those reserved to the External Partnerships Select Committee.


2.            To monitor, review and to report to the Leader/ Executive in relation to the performance of the Council’s services, including against targets in the Annual Plan and Five Year Strategy.


3.            To advise in relation to the Council’s existing policies and strategies and assist in the development of policies and strategies.


4.            To consider whether decisions taken by the Leader/Executive which were not treated as key decisions, should have been so treated, as set out in the Access to Information Procedure Rules at Part 4, Section 7 of this Constitution.


5.            To undertake investigations into such matters relating to the Council’s function and powers as:


(i)         may be referred by the Council or the Leader/Executive;

(ii)        the Committee may consider appropriate;

(iii)          have been referred to the Committee pursuant to the “call-in” procedure set out in the Scrutiny Committee Procedure Rules; and

(iv)          have been referred to the Committee pursuant to the Councillor Call for Action Protocol at Part 4, Section C of this Constitution;




Contact information

Support officer: Eddie Scott. Senior Democratic Services Officer

Postal address:
Surrey Heath House
Knoll Road

Phone: 01276 707335


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