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Review of Revenue Grants


Following a recommendation by the Executive on 22 January 2019, the Committee considered a report in relation to a review of the Council’s Revenue Grants Scheme.


The Council operated a Revenue Grants scheme to support local not-for-profit organisations operating in Surrey Heath. The administration of the scheme was managed by officers and an annual report was presented to the Executive for a final decision.


It was noted the nine organisations which were invited to apply each year fell into two distinct categories:


1.    Organisations which independently provided services to meet local needs.

2.    Organisations which undertook work on the Council’s behalf on a partnership basis, due to increased economies of scales.


The current scheme currently failed to acknowledge differences between the two types of organisation. In addition partnership bodies to the Council often felt frustrated in respect of the requirement to apply for grants each year, despite long term partnership agreements.


Members acknowledged that a more open grant scheme, than the existing arrangements, would allow for flexibility in funding and allow changes to reflect changing local priorities and new service demands.


It was noted service level agreements in place with partnership organisations included a clause stipulating that the Council must give at least 6 months’ notice of a change in funding. In addition organisations, which were currently in receipt of grants, had been made aware that a review of the Revenue Grant scheme was taking place. 


It was clarified by Officers that it was envisaged that the three organisations which would be ring-fenced from grant changes would be the Basingstoke Canal Authority, Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership and Citizens Advice Surrey Heath. Ring-fencing from grant changes would take place for up to 3 years at a time.


RESOLVED that the Executive be advised to:

              i.        Ring fence revenue grant funding for Citizens Advice Surrey Heath, Blackwater Valley Countryside Partnership and Basingstoke Canal Authority for up to a three year period and;

            ii.        Open the remaining funding to organisations that can deliver services that meet local priorities and needs. 


Note 1

It was noted for the record that

             i.       As recorded in the previously published supplement, various members of the Committee were appointed as the Council’s Representatives to organisations which received revenue grants.

            ii.       Councillor Alan McClafferty’s spouse was a volunteer trustee for Surrey Heath Age Concern and thereby he abstained from voting.




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