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Council Finances as at the 30th June 2017


The Executive received a report detailing the Council’s financial position at 30 June 2017.


Members considered the revenue position for the first quarter of 2017/18 and were advised that there were no areas of concern at present. In that quarter £840k had been spent on capital projects, the largest element of which had been £512k on the purchase of a property in Doman road and a final payment of £279k as final settlement on the Mall. The remainder had been spent on renovation grants and smaller projects.


The Executive noted that sundry debts amounted to £1,146,000, although £292,000 related to car park season tickets and help line fees being paid by instalments; £481,000 related to invoices raised at the end of June for rent and recycling.


RESOLVED to note the Revenue, Treasury and Capital Position as at 30 June 2017.



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