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Collectively Camberley Business Improvement District


The Committee was informed that the Collectively Camberley Business Improvement District represented the business community in Camberley Town Centre. It had been established in October 2011 and had worked collectively to enhance Camberley Town Centre. Its aim was to make Camberley Town Centre the destination of choice for shoppers and visitors as well as a vibrant location for businesses and residents alike.


The BID’s Chairman and Board of Directors were elected voluntary positions, with the 12 directors currently representing a range of sectors. Members were reminded that Cllr Richard Brooks, the Finance Portfolio Holder, was a member of the Board. The core team responsible for delivering the output of the BID included a Manager, an Operations Manager and a marketing intern.


The Committee was informed that Collectively Camberley worked with 386 businesses across all sectors who together contributed £263,000 in additional BID levy; the average BID ley was £561 p.a. In addition to the levy, the team sought additional income. There had been a 20% increase in additional income this year, meaning more money was available to be spent on enhancing the Town Centre.


Collectively Camberley was an elected body and therefore delivered a business plan agreed by its voters. A BID term lasted 5 years and consequently Collectively Camberley would be seeking renewal in 2016. The organisation would be consulting all businesses within the BID area on what they wanted Collectively Camberley to deliver going forward, which would be used for the business plan for the renewal period.


In 2011 the businesses of Camberley had voted on a business plan which had split the funds into the following 4 areas:


·       Marketing, Events and Promotions. This was Collectively Camberley’s primary focus

·       Access

·       Attractiveness

·       Business Support


The BID had delivered 28 projects, promotions and events each year since its creation. It was noted that Camberley was becoming known for its events such as the Classic Car show. In addition it delivered workshops, promotional support, floral displays and the Town Centre website. A number of successes of the BID were highlighted, including


·       the introduction of the Industry Insider card scheme

·       the launch of the successful Collectively Camberley website in June 2011

·       a huge increase in footfall on events days.

·       the Camberley Together Against Crime radio scheme, which currently had 72 members

·       the launch of the Love Camberley Facebook and Twitter brand, which had approximately 4,300 local followers

·       124 floral displays across the Town Centre which were provided in partnership with the Council


The Committee was informed that the previous Property Weekly Hot 100 Retail Locations Report had been released, which had showed Camberley as amongst the top 50 hot towns for potential retail opportunities. It was reported that Camberley was in the top 5 in the UK for a premium retail opportunity. Camberley also had consistently above average footfall when compared to national statistics.


RESOLVED to note the presentation.


Note: It was noted for the record that Cllr Paul Deach declared that he supplied social media support services to Collectively Camberley. After consultation with officers he considered that, as the Committee was not a decision making body, it would be acceptable for him to remain in the meeting.