Agenda item

Committee Work Programme


The Committee noted the work programme for the remainder of the 2015/16 municipal year.


Members suggested that a future meeting could focus upon youth issues, with a presentation on the Windle Valley Youth Project.


The Committee noted the economic development work that was ongoing and agreed to seek presentations from the Bagshot, Deepcut, Frimley and Yorktown & Watchmoor Business Associations. It was also suggested that at this meeting an item in relation to the Institute of Directors could be included.




                               (i)          the Committee’s Work Programme, as set out at Annex A to the agenda, be agreed; and


                              (ii)          presentations from


a.     the Business Associations in the borough and the Institute of Directors; and

b.    the Windle Valley Youth Project


be added to the draft 2016/17 Work Programme



Supporting documents: