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Review of Hackney Carriage (Taxi) and Private Hire Licensing Fees


As the relevant licensing authority, Surrey Heath Borough Council was responsible for the licensing of taxis and private hire drivers, vehicles and operators. The Local Government( Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 (the Act) included provisions that allow district and borough councils to recover such fees as they consider reasonable with a view to recovering the costs of the issuing and administration of drivers’ licences for both taxis and private hire vehicles. (Section53(2) ) Furthermore Section 70 of the Act allowed the same for vehicle and operator’s licences.


‘A district [or borough] council may charge such fees for the grant of vehicle and operator licences sufficient in the aggregate to cover in whole or in part –


• The reasonable cost of carrying out by or on behalf of the district council of inspections of hackney carriages and private hire vehicles for the purpose of determining whether any such licence should be granted or renewed

• The reasonable cost of providing hackney carriage stands, and

• Any reasonable administrative or other costs in connection with the

foregoing and with the control and supervision of hackney carriages and private hire vehicles.’


Following the agreement of the Committee of the proposed methodology, the Executive Head of Community would be asked to approve, in consultation with the Portfolio holder and Executive Head of Finance, the methodology of calculating the proposed fees.


This would then be used to calculate the revised fees which would then be brought back to the Licensing Committee at its next meeting. The Licensing Committee will be asked to recommend the new fees. The Executive Head of Community would then be asked to approve, in consultation with the portfolio holder and Executive Head of Finance the revised fees.


Once approved a notice would be placed in the local newspaper as required and a further update would be provided to the Licensing Committee in February.


Once a notice had been placed for the statutory 28 days and if no objections were received or where objections were made but subsequently withdrawn the new table of fees could come into effect from 1 April 2022.


However, if objections were received these must be considered within two months following the end of the 28 day notice period. The proposed fees could be amended to reflect the objections after which the new table of fees came into effect.


It was noted that where objections were received it was proposed to present the objections and amended fees to the Licensing Committee in February 2022. It was affirmed that final approval for the proposed fees rested with the Executive Head of Community in consultation with the appropriate Portfolio holder and the Executive Head of Finance.


Following discussion from the Committee the need to review the fees on a more regular basis was recognised. Furthermore it was noted that although it was not legally required, the Council would consult with the taxi trade and online in addition to the publication of the fees in a local newspaper.



             I.        The report be noted; and

            II.        The proposed methodology for calculating the revised fees and charges for the taxi and private hire trade be agreed.



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