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Review of Hackney Carriage (Taxi) Fares


The Committee considered a report outlining the proposed methodology for the recalculation of taxi fares for the hire of taxis licensed within the borough.


Section 65 of the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 gave borough and district councils the ability to set local taxi fares for journeys within its area by means of a table or scheme of fares. However boroughs and districts held no power to set Private Hire (PH) vehicle fares. It was noted that the current Hackney Carriage fares had been set in 2012 and were due for review and that Department of Transport best practice guidance maintained that it was good practice to review fare scales at regular intervals.


As a starting point to the review it was proposed that fares within the borough be raised in accordance with the annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) changes for each year 2012- 2021.


The Council were planning to run a consultation with the trade on the proposed fares and any comments from the taxi trade would be considered. Any necessary resulting revisions to the fares or methodology would be made before reconsideration by the Licensing Committee in October 2021.


It was noted that where the Council proposed to amend the taxi fares it was required to publish the new fare chart in a local newspaper, advising that any objections should be made within 14 days. If no objections were received or where objections were made but subsequently withdrawn the new table of fares would come into immediate effect.


However, if objections were received the representations would need to be considered within two months following the end of the 14 day notice period. Where objections were received it was proposed that the objections be presented and that the amended fares be considered by the Licensing Committee in February 2022.


After the consideration of the proposed updated fare chart for Surrey Heath as appended to the agenda report, members of the Committee opined that the taxi fare scale was due review and that drivers were long overdue a de facto pay rise. In addition it was suggested that there was an opportunity to greater highlight to hackney carriage users, the costs which drivers incurred to maintain their vehicles and service.



             I.        The report be noted;

            II.        Further consultation be undertaken with the trade as to the proposed fares with a view to any amendments being considered by the Licensing Committee Meeting at its next meeting;

          III.        The proposed uplift of fares, as per Annex C of the agenda report, be approved; and

          IV.        The required steps following approval of the proposed uplift be noted.



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