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Application to vary a Premises Licence - SHBCPR-10271

Following objections received, to consider an application to vary a Premises License - SHBCPR-10271


·         Annex A – Application to Vary Premises Licence

·         Annex B – Current Licence and Existing Floorplan

·         Annex C – Representations from Interested Parties.

·         Annex D – Location Map

·         Annex E – Planning Officer Email.



The Sub Committee was informed that the hearing had been convened to determine an application to vary a Premises Licence at Gordons SF Connect, 87 Guildford Road, West End, Woking, GU24 9HJ.


It was noted that the application sought permission to change the commencement of the sale of alcohol to be consumed ‘off’ the premises to 06:00 daily. The current authorisation for the sale of alcohol from the premises was for ‘off’ sales from 08:00 to 22:00. The application to vary the premises licence also requested that the existing conditions attached to the premises licence be removed and replaced with those detailed in paragraph 4.1 of the agenda report.


The Sub Committee was advised that the application had been correctly completed and had been advertised, and responsible authorities notified, in line with statutory regulations.


The Sub Committee carefully considered all the information presented, both written and oral, from:


·         the Senior Licensing Officer who outlined the issues;

·         the Applicant

·         Interested Parties (written representations)


Members were informed by the Senior Licensing Officer that the representations from West End Parish Council and Mr and Mrs Harper had been withdrawn prior to the meeting.


The Sub Committee noted the representations which had been received from members of the public which made reference to public nuisance caused by littering by the venue’s clients. The Sub-Committee noted a number of concerns that the rubber matting which had been requested to be used on the receipt of deliveries had failed to be used, thus was the cause of excessive noise and disturbance. The Committee drew the applicant’s attention to paragraph13.4.3 of the Council’s Statement of Licensing Policy; and the need for the licence holder to consider the impact of noise created by deliveries; and, where possible, schedule deliveries during the day and at reasonable times.


In reaching their decision, the Sub Committee took into consideration the representations made in relation to the prevention of public nuisance. However, it was considered that the concerns did not meet the threshold that would undermine the relevant licensing objectives. 


The decision making process was a matter of judgement by the Sub Committee and having weighed all the evidence provided by the interested parties and the Applicant the evidence came down in favour of granting the licence.  On balance, the Sub Committee decided that granting the licence, would not have an adverse impact on the promotion of the four licensing objectives: Prevention of Crime and Disorder, Public Safety, Prevention of Public Nuisance, and Protection of Children from Harm.


RESOLVED that the application for the variation of a premises licence at Gordons SF Connect, 87 Guildford Road, West End, Woking, GU24 9HJ be granted.




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