Agenda item

Questions by Members

The Leader and Portfolio Holders to receive and respond to questions from Members on any matter which relates to an Executive function in accordance with Part 4 of the Constitution, Section B Executive Procedure Rules, Paragraph 16.


The Leader responded to a question from Councillor Morgan Rise, advising that the item on a revised scheme for the allocation of Community Infrastructure Levy funds would be brought to the next meeting.The Leader also undertook to send Councillor Victoria Wheeler a copy of the letter that it had been agreed he would send to the Fire Service at the previous meeting.


In response to a question from Councillor Helen Whitcroft, Councillor Rebecca Jennings-Evans advised that the item on Loman Road Playground later that meeting would include discussions on a proposal for a wheelchair swing in the borough.


A question from Councillor Graham Alleway on the pre-application process for Planning Applications was referred to the Executive Head of Regulatory, as this matter was a non-executive function and it did not therefore fall within the Executive’s remit.