Agenda item

Mayor's Announcements


The Mayor gave a brief overview of the events he had attended since the last meeting.  The Christmas period had been a particularly busy time which had included visits to Frimley Park, the Police, Meals at Home, the Fire Station and the Windlesham Pram Race.


Other highlights involved a dinner at the RMAS and attendance at two Holocaust remembrance events.  The annual Civic Dinner had provided a valuable platform to network and build closer relationships with the Council’s partners.


The Mayor, on behalf of the Council, expressed sincere thanks to Kelvin Menon, the Executive Head of Finance, who would be leaving on 6 March to join the office of the Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner.  Kelvin had been with the Council since April 2007.


The Mayor referred to Kelvin’s unique ability to the heart of complex financial data and express the key issues in a manner that everyone could understand.  His intelligence, insight and wit would be missed.  The Mayor thanked him for his contribution to the Council and wished him every happiness and success with his new challenge.