Agenda item

Mytchett Skate park


The Executive was reminded that, at its meeting on 21 January 2020, it had considered proposals to refurbish Mytchett Skate Park. It had been reported that it was proving increasingly difficult and costly to maintain this popular and well-used facility and the ramps would no longer be fit for purpose beyond 2020.


Members had considered the options presented for the refurbishment of this facility and supported the refurbishment in principle. It had been suggested that alternative materials such as concrete be used instead of the proposed steel ramps, which would help ameliorate the impact of noise from the Skate Park. Further information had therefore been requested on costings for equipment made from such materials.


The Executive received details of options for replacing the facilities and was advised that Option 1, namely the replacement of all ramps excluding the half pipe using Skatelite Prop riding surface, provided the most cost effective option and best surface for noise reduction.


It was proposed to use £23,000 of Community Infrastructure Levy funding for Mytchett and £31,000 of developer contributions available from the Blackwater Valley fund to finance these works.


RESOLVED that Mytchett Skate Park be enhanced by replacing the existing equipment with a steel frame structure and a ‘Skatelite Pro’ riding surface, set out at Option 1 of the agenda report, within the existing location and footprint of the site.


RECOMMENDED to Full Council that £54,000 be added to the Capital Programme, to be funded by Developer Contributions, for the replacement of the ramps at Mytchett Skate Park.



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