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External Partnerships Select Committee

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1.1         To appoint such task and finish groups as it considers appropriate to fulfil its overview and scrutiny functions;


1.2         To prepare and maintain an annual work programme;


1.3         To undertake investigations into such matters which:


(i)            may be referred by the Council or the Leader/Executive;

(ii)           have been referred to the Committee pursuant to the “call-in” procedure set out in the Scrutiny Committee Procedure Rules; and

(iii)          have been referred to the Committee pursuant to the Councillor Call for Action Protocol at Part 4, Section C of this Constitution.


1.4         To review services provided by other agencies and which affect the economic, social and environmental well-being of the Council's area.


1.5         To scrutinise the partner organisations in receipt of grants from the Council.


1.6         To scrutinise the Health and Wellbeing Boards.


1.7         To scrutinise the Police and Crime Panel.


1.8         As the Council’s designated crime and disorder committee to


(i)         review or scrutinise at least annually decisions made or other action taken in connection with the discharge by the responsible authorities of their crime and disorder functions, including matters referred to it by a ward councillor;


(ii)        make reports or recommendations to the Council with respect to the discharge of crime and disorder functions with copies to the appropriate responsible authorities or co-operating bodies.